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The Basso and Caddick Family Pages!

This is our place to share photos and information with our family and friends all over the country.  

The Family

We are a busy homeschooling family with one child in California, 3 at home, and one in heaven.  Feel free to look through our pages to learn more about us.  We have updated our photo page with new pictures of Bridget and the kids.

Our family is:

Dominic - Daddy - Reservations Agent for an airline

Anne - Mommy - Stay at home mom and nurse

Karina - Dominic's 11 year old daughter in California

Reagan - Anne's 7 year old son

Piper - Our 2 year old daughter

Bridget - Our 1 year old daughter

Sarah - Our Shooting Star, in the arms of Jesus, February 25, 2005



New Pictures From August/September on the Main Photo Page!

We've started another year of homeschooling, and purchased a new minivan!  We love playgroups, church, spending time together as a family, and having fun.  We keep taking pictures of the kids growing, changing, and generally being great!  Take a look.

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We'd love to hear what you think of our website.  So, e-mail us, if you'd like, and let us know what you think.  A fully functioning (!) e-mail link is available on our "About" page.  And please sign our guest book!  We'd love to know which of our friends and family have stopped by.  Enjoy!