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Dominic & Anne

Our marriage is based on our faith.  And our family is built on our marriage.  So, I chose to put one of our wedding pictures here. 

Our Brief History

As many of you know, I was a single mother who delivered her first child at age 20.  At age 23 I met Dominic who was 32 at the time, divorced, with an 8 year old daughter.  On a trip with friends we were shocked to meet and find that we were kindred spirits.  Neither of us were expecting what we got.  I had thought that perhaps the Lord wanted me to remain a single mother, and I was devoted to caring for Reagan.  Dominic had thought the same thing about himself and his daughter, Karina.  Within seven months Dominic and I were married.  We started our family right away and we now have two daughters together.  The responsibility we owe to our children means that we take our marriage and our vows very seriously.  We continue to work every day to create a stable home in which we can nurture our children.  We pray that they will grow to be strong, good, and Godly men and women.  We have learned that in serving one another, we are serving God, and filling out home with love. 


One of the things we do to nurture our children in a very direct way, is homeschooling.  We believe in the wonderful work that public school teachers do on a daily basis.  But having been raised by teachers has shown me that they are hindered by many factors.  After Reagan completed Kindergarten and still could barely put letters together, we decided to remove him.  After a few months of working one on one with Mom he was reading on a second grade level.  He continues to impress us daily and I am so looking forward to teaching all of the kids.  I find that I learn just as much.  It has been one of the most rewarding decisions I've ever made.  To read more about our homeschooling and our daily lives, check out our blog.  You'll find the link on this page.

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