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The Kids, The Kids, and Maybe a couple of us too!

Here are the latest from August and September!

Baby Bridget poses for the camera

Pretty Bridget finally starts to enjoy the exasaucer

Bridget looks at her daddy

Sometimes Bridget falls asleep in funny places

This is why babies don't drive

Bridget's first sunburn. Bad Mommy!

Sometimes Daddy falls asleep too.

Daddy helps Piper dry off after a bath

Grandma shows off with Bridget

Grandma cut Daddy's hair with the flowbee! I have proof!

Karina, looking more and more grown up

Hey, Mommy ends up in a picture!

Our new minivan, a 1998 Ford Windstar

Piper loves Bridget

And Piper loves to make her baby sister laugh

Reagan makes faces!

Grandma gave Mommy a sewing machine!

Daddy poses with two of his girls

Daddy and Reagan pose like Spiderman

Piper plays on the slide

Reagan shows off his COOL scab